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video installation, performance, objects

4 x videos, HD, 16:9, 20:15 min. / 00:53 min. / 00:35 min./ 02:55
(loop), 2 x videos, 4K, 16:9, 09:10 min./ 10:48 min.
wearable objects: silicone, nylon straps, buckles, eyelets, LED
lights, Packaging chips, digital print on PVS banners


Jirkova‘s media-reflexive and multi-perspective installation focuses on the interfaces of
interaction that arise in our everyday actions between technical devices, digital spaces and our
bodies. The multimedia staging combines her performance, which will be livestreamed during
the opening, with pre-produced video clips and analog sculptures that double the artist‘s body
as impressions and expand its functions.
In a deliberately playful and process-oriented way, Jirkova negotiates the different qualities of
analog and digital spaces. The installation Capturing Nowness invites visitors to experience the ambivalences of these mixed realities in a sensual way.

Photos @ Verena Kathrein / Lisa Hörterer 

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