objects with sound

headphones, wax, tape, modelling compound, Kinesio-tape,

cardboard, wood, MP3-player

The objects are based on simple headphones which are a common give-away whenever buying new electronical devices.

These headphones have been changed in their appearance through found materials to function as small speakers. Attached to the wall there is sound coming out of them which can be faintly heard when passing by.

While the sound plays with sensual words and the way we perceive our surroundings, the objects themselves aim to challenge our perception through their hybrid form. This hybrid form consists of a industrially crafted part which is of little value while at the same time they have been transformed into somehting else through the appliance of other

materials and made into an aesthetic, unique thing. Its common function is still visible and clear – people listening to music by themselves – but it has been transformed and now the spectator is asked to get close. So instead of the spectator being drawn back into his own thoughts and world with music, they become a part of someone elses thoughts through sound and may or have to share that moment with other persons in the room.