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wearable objects and installation

videos, HD, 16:9, stereo, 00:58 / 01:18 min. (loop)
silicone, wax, styrodur, nylon straps, buckles, eyelets, p
lastic, beamer, power bank, displays, sound module, speaker


You can see portable objects that unite the digital and technical with the organic and transient, also being joined together with projections, live cameras and texts about hair, technology and transience. Alltogehter they form an installation, with videos, objects and sound.
These objects not only stand for themselves, but they are also integrated into a performance that uses technology, such as loudspeakers, screens and light, in order to create several levels of perception for the audience and cameras.

This juxtaposition of several layers of recordings, objects, sound and spoken text picks up on situations of everyday life and allows an exaggerated reflection and playful handling of the interfaces of the analog and the digital.

photo @ Julia Schäfer

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