project consisting of multiple parts

publication, A3, folded, colored inject print

objects out of nylon and ribbons

performance, 15 min., with video, text sound and objects


Video: https://vimeo.com/489431595

During her five months long stay in Los Angeles Janna Jirkova kept her observations of the site specific dynamics between private and public in objects, texts, recordings of the city and landscape.
Los Angeles has been described as the ‚imagined city‘ and it has been seen in an abstract way and not very location specific.
The reason for that probably not only lies in the multiple depictions in Hollywood movies but also in its continuously changing appearance.
Whole city districts had to give way to urban renewal and new construction sites, public spaces were given up for commercial projects, but the multiple city Highways and streets have become one of the most important fix point.
It is there where many citizens of this mega city spent a big part of their everyday life; isolated from the outside world, following the flow of traffic.
According to these observations Janna Jirkova raises the question in which way this fast moving and ever-changing cityscape is associated with the inner life of its citizens.
How do constant changes in the environment reflect in the human perception and recollection, especially if memories are always bound to a specific place?

Text: Maria Justus