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video installation
video, HD, 16:9, stereo, 11:46 min.
music and composition:
Sebastian Fillenberg
3 foil greenhouses, 3 projectors,
3 Raspberry Pies, media player,
polymer clay, glass aquarium


Whisper to the other side is a video installation which deals with our view of the
flora and the mutual relationships which unfold from it. Plants are permanently sedentary life forms which causes them to behave quite
differently compared to humans.

Plants live off light.
Humans define themselves through their interaction with the outside world,
whereas with plants this division does not exist. They interact by being. As oxygen producers, plants generate the environment we can live in. Thus, they create our very livelihood.
Despite this dependency on plants, we often take them very much for granted, a negligible afterthought.
There is more and more evidence suggesting that plants are much more intertwined
with their surroundings, and also able to interact with each other than
previously assumed. If plants create our world, what does our view of plants tell us about ourselves? How do plants and humans relate to each other if humans are more than ever
intervening in landscapes and growth processes on a bio-technical level to the
point of being able to perfectly imitate them?

Fullversion video

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